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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Rediscovery: Nexus S

This Google Phone is the immediate follow-up to Nexus One, which I bought when it first came out awhile ago but sold after about 10 months because, well, it's a htc and I don't like its form factor, which was a little lackluster and underwhelming (I only liked its colour and the fact it could only be ordered through Google). I waited for a bit before getting the Nexus S cos it was a bit pricey when it first came out (it's a Samsung after all). Then I got it and played around with it ... I like the fact ALL Google applications are there on one phone and it's basically a mobile media centre on the move. 

The problem is the battery is so shite that it became a media centre on the move for, like, an hour. Which is pretty pathetic. No wonder the phone came with one of those power adapters. Also, its screen/ colour is kinda dark and dull, especially when compared with other Samsung phones such as the S3 and Note (since the new LG Nexus 4 phone also has this dull screen I surmise it's a Google Nexus shortcoming). So, despite the fact I've had this phone for several years now, but mostly it's been sitting inside a cupboard. 

But recently I dug it up because there is this addictive game called Sugar Crush that I can play on it. Needless to say when I play this game the battery drains even faster ... BUT I was fiddling with the phone this morning and realised just how powerful it is/could be because I run so many social media applications on it (maybe that's why battery drains so quickly!) With Nexus S I can: Instagram + Twitter, Weibo, Blog, Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Google Talk, msn ... and receive all sorts of feeds. It's honestly quite amazing. Oh yes, almost forgot, you can make calls/Skype on it too but, ironically, I seldom use it as a phone because of its size. For calls, I use my Blackberry or Nokias or JPhone.

Anyway, another reason why I dug up Nexus S was that I was/am thinking of getting the Samsung Note2, which basically is a bigger version of the Nexus phone + it's on 4G. I definitely wouldn't make calls with that cos it'd be like talking into a diary... but I dunno, since I have the Nexus S now, which is totally functional, not sure if I should trade that in for a Note2 ... also it's SO trouble to set up a new piece of gadget because I don't think I can just transfer apps over ... all the re-installing will be SO tedious.

Guess, I will just keep using Nexus S, but with a mobile charger in tow...

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