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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Speedy Recovery

Am touching wood as I type this entry ... last Friday I went to my dermatologist thinking I had got some weird skin infection only to be told I had shingles. Shingles! Yucks! It wasn't itchy but there was, like, a line  of "pimples" running up/down the back of my neck, with a couple of bumps on the base of the scalp (in the back above the neck). The dermatologist wasn't sure it was shingles (cos the rash in back of the neck was mid-line) until he saw another red spot further down my neck/right shoulder ... he said shingles only appears on one side of the body.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, I was put on anti-viral medication for a week and was told not to come into contact with pregnant women or babies. Decided not to risk going into the yoga studio (there are quite a few pregnant mothers around) so have been off the mat for a week. The good news is I was told yesterday this (mild) bout of shingles is now cleared by my dermatologist. So back on the mat today/tomorrow. My body needs some serious exercising!!!

And to be honest, had I not been practising yoga, one wonders if the shingles attack would have been a lot more severe. 

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