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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...out A Voice

As Gregor Samsa wakes up to find himself turned into a beetle in Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, I woke up to my own nightmare this morning, sounding like a toad. As I said "good morning", all that came out was: croak, croak, croak ... it was quite funny except the croaking kinda didn't stop and went on for another hour or so ... and when I started to get this droning headache, I decided I needed medical attention.

So, this super flu bug saga continues as I go through today without a voice. It also means I am off the mat for a few more days ~ thinking back, I hope I didn't infect the entire hot class on Sunday ... I honestly thought the bug was gone, not waiting to pounce once more after, like, almost a week!

Talk about continuous nuisance ... just read on my cousin Grace's blog that Tokyo continues to experience minor and moderate quakes. She says she has to stay vigilant as she doesn't know when the next biggie is going to hit (!) And what is this about  Japanese authorities raising the severity rating of their nuclear crisis to the highest level, seven (source: BBC)? I thought they were saying things weren't getting worse? I'm not scaremongering but I think the Japanese Govt should really come clean on what really is going on so that people are protected. Grace says there is a ration over water (some say bog rolls are also pretty scarce) and electricity... my thoughts continue to go out to all those people who are left homeless and who are affected by the disasters ... we are now left to the mercy of Nature, which I have to the say us humans have not been too kind to over the past few decades, have we? 

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