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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Quick Note

... to say I am back on the mat after a week off (sick). In tonight's unusually physically-demanding Hatha 1 class, we did a lot of twisting (partly because I'd requested that at the beginning of the session). It has become quite an obession of mine lately. As mentioned in an earlier post (Extreme Tightness 2), I can really FEEL (and have a dialogue with) my body in these twisting asanas. Whenever I twist, I need to a) breathe more deeply and slowly and b) lengthen my spine in order to  give the upper body a fuller rotation. In doing so though, I also feel tension in areas (mainly the bum/legs/ankles) that are being stretched or pulled, and this very tension creates inbalance or, sometimes, a loss of balance. It's hard to describe the sensation(s) in writing but the twisting makes me become more aware of the tightness of my body and limbs. So I need to keep breathing ~ which actually is not that easy when you are in a twist. But that is also what fascinates me: how to find relaxation, balance and liberation through these poses and breathing... 

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