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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Random Entry

Got struck down by this strange flu (if it was a flu) virus that only attacked my throat/lymph glands. So basically I didn't have a runny nose nor did I have a cough, I just had this REALLY, REALLY SORE throat. So sore it hurt when I talked. Anyway, decided to take this cocktail of painkillers + anti-inflammatory drugs for a couple of days ~ and hoped for the best. Day Three today and I am kinda okay. Throat still hurts a little but glands appear to be less swollen. Also took a hot yoga class earlier to sweat out the toxins. No sure that is how the detoxing (is supposed to) work.

BTW, the above paragraph will guarantee to generate view page hits for this blog entry, especially from the States ... I've come to realise, by looking at the blogspot statistics, that Americans LOVE googling terms like: "painkillers", "drugs", "anti-inflammatory", "sore", "toxins" and "cocktails". I'd always known they are a fun-loving nation.

OH, while in my sickbed I re-discovered my Nokia N97 (I have this quaint habit of playing with my mobile phones when I am in bed; in case you are curious) ... it's kinda like a piece of antique now -- its OS, operation system, is very slow -- but it still works. And then I was watching this film (Source Code, freshly torrent downloaded onto my  laptop when I was messing around with my Nokia) and, in one scene, this Jake Gyllenhaal character desperately tries to type/google something on this phone on this express train and I was, like, is it the darn text/long google search, or the bad Internet connection, or the rocking train compartment, or the Nokia keyboard that is causing him such great distress and all the fumbing? So much for production placement if it was the final answer, and sure enough, he was using a Nokia N97 ...

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