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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Short Break

At a fundraising yoga session (for earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan) earlier this week, guest yogi David Swenson said we would be sending positive energy/vibes and our best wishes over to the Land of the Rising Sun by way of 108 sets of sun salutation. The number (referring to the number of beads on a mala, used in prayer or meditation) didn't quite register in my head until, some 90 minutes later, when my arms and legs were shaking slightly, I finally realised what that meant. Each studio instructor - and there were a number of them - was to take us through a set of sun salutation and it was interesting to learn how many different ways this routine can be performed: instead of stepping forward, you can jump forward with both feet using the core muscles; instead of knee down-chest down-chin down, you can lower into a Chaturanga; instead of Cobra, you can do Up Dog etc. While it didn't feel physically straining at first, seriously, after doing this routine for more than 100 times, your body started to go into a state of shock ... but it was too late ... by the time I showered got changed, I felt I could barely walk. The next day, I was SORE all over ... but what to do cos I already booked TWO more evening classes. Instead of cancelling them, I decided it would be good to exercise those sore muscles a little ... and by the end of those two classes (one of them Power Yoga), I just raised the white flag -- and was SORE for the next few days. Am in the middle of a three-day break before taking a gentle hot class tomorrow. 

But Sun Salutation is, for now, totally off limit ...  


  1. Hi Kevin, I'm interested in using your Sun Salutation graphic for an educational seminar. Any chance you own the rights?

  2. Hello Aerangis, no, it is something I found on the Internet that carries no copyright restriction ...