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Monday, March 28, 2011

The New Final Fantasy Game - Dissidia 012 [duodecim]

Does anyone even know what "duodecim" means? I don't but that hadn't stopped me from getting this "sequel" to Dissidia Final Fantasy, one of the best PSP games I've ever played (see earlier postings: amazing graphics and gameplay system). Now, I put sequel in " " because the new game is actually a prequel to the last one (more on this later) ... I know, I know, all very confusing but, hmm, there you have it. Now, to some of you, this confusion may be read as a sign that says - in big flashing red letters - D.O N.O.T B.U.Y!!! but, hell, I was so excited I just took it and ran for the cashier desk. What if the game IS in JAPANESE ... I really cannot wait for the English release.

Got home and when I popped the cartridge into the machine, I was, like, uh-oh, what are these OPTIONS?!? The Chinese/English instructions are so basic they are rendered completely useless. So I went onto the Internet (Darn! Should have done this before I bought the game) and searched the various forums on how the gameplay works. OH.MY.GOD. if I thought the first game was complicated, then I really ain't see nothing yet. What I have in my hands is a piece of rocket sicene ~ and there is NO WAY I can make progress (in a meaningful way) without knowing what I am looking at. There are equipments to, err, equip, accessories to accessorise, weapons to be bought; treasures to be discovered, bonuses to be won, new characters and battles to be unlocked, my own adventures to be created ... how am I going to do all that I have no idea. Also, I am quite disappointed that I have to start building up those characters from Level 1 all over again (they go up to Level 100) and I really hated that in the last game.

 There are Six new characters in Dissidia 012 and they have come together to defeat Chaos (the Ultimate Baddie) ... well, I know they didn't succeed because it is in Dissidia the First Game (now renamed Dissidia 013) that we finally defeat the disgusting looking beast. I don't know whether it has something to do with Star Wars but is that the latest trend in storytelling? By going backwards, we are, in fact, moving forward? Anyway, the new characters are not that appealing to me right now (partly because I have NO idea what they can do or are doing) ... With Lightning, for instance, she apparently can "shift paradigm" ... honestly, this game gives the term a whole new meaning...  Anyway, I think I will just keep going (aimlessly) until I can find a full (English) translation of the game on the Web, or better still, a save file that is not broken ... that way I can just bypass the hassle of levelling up and just enjoy the game *evil laughter*

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