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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Powerful Shake

For those who can read Chinese, below is a link to my cousin Grace's blog/diary entry on the devastated earthquake in Japan on March 11; she was at her Tokyo office at the time of the quake and her blog recalls how she tried to make her way home that evening - and couldn't but, thankfully, located a friend with whom she could stay the night.

Two things that struck me about her experience: how orderly and calmly the Japanese behave in time of crisis, and how social media such as Facebook and Twitter - and those cute multi-functional Japanese phones - can practially become lifelines at a time like this (luckily the earthquake didn't bring down the powering of these networks). 

Just received an email from my yoga instructor friend Anri who is down in Osaka; she says things are okay down in southern Japan - and her family in inland Hokkaido are also fine - but she is extremely concerned for the people up in the North. With a fresh wave of crisis sweeping across the part of the country -- engineers are now trying to cool overheated fuel at two stricken  nuclear reactors that were affected by the quakes -- one hopes the unity, resilience and diligence of the nation (and the Japanese ARE highly united, resilient and diligent) can pull the country through this very, very difficult and challenging time. Okay, cynics might think otherwise but I think it is great that the Chinese have put aside their differences with the Japanese and have jumped in onto the rescue work... actually, am very moved by the fact that several European countries and Russia have all pitched in to help. Can humans actually be less destructive than our Nature?

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