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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fewer Hang-ups

... and more awareness. Since the yoga anatomy workshop, I've been practising with less self-criticism: "Why can't I do this and that?" ... this is an internal process -- the external process is, of course, to compare Self with others and ask: "Why can they do this and that and I can't?" but, thankfully, because I practise without my glasses on, i.e., am blind as a bat, I seldom compare. But I'm digressing. These days, I pay a lot more attention to the effects of the poses. I enjoy the asanas. When I feel "tension", whether it's of the muscles or tendons or ligaments, I know it can/will be eased through practising (forward bend stretches are so much deeper these days); but when I feel "compression", like, a bone pressing on another bone and there is no room for it to go further anymore, I'll just do a modification of a pose or simply come out of it. Because no matter how long and hard I practise, my bone structure is NOT going to change, c'est la vie! With this in mind, my practise become more free. This actually makes me appreciate so much more what my instructor Lawrence's been teaching: yoga becomes a form of expression - liberation and freedom.

Yesterday I took my regular Core class (with the Perfect Human Specimen) which I enjoyed because the objective is so focused. I do find one of his sequences particularly enjoyable because I can Feel the stretches, twists and, of course, core work: Extended Side Angle, Triangle, then Koundinyasana on both sides (and maybe a half moon before or after). I don't think I will ever feel bored doing that!

Over at Tech-Land, I was very, very pleased to see Steve Jobs introducing the iPad2. Not that I want to upgrade my iPad (camera? no thanks) but so good to see Jobs, well, alive. Such a genius. Talking about computers, I am getting a new Lenovo ThinkPad to replace my existing one (and older model) ... this one has a 15-inch+ screen, which I can practically use as a desk top and watch lots of movies (that's what computers are for these days, right?) But migrating stuff from my old laptop to the new one is going to be such a pain in the butt. I will have to reinstall all the programmes etc etc. I will also have to learn the new Window system ... but what needs to be done has to be done. The cooling fan in the old computer is dying fast (and I only had this machine for 2-3 years) ... it makes all kind of weird non-fanning groaning nosies ... and I fear, if I don't change it soon, it'd just explode on my desk, or worse, on my face.    

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