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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Powerful Shake (2)

As I write this, the nuclear plant in Fukushima remains a huge international concern. Without getting all hysterical, I think this concern is very real. Here we have a number of nuclear fuel rods that are still active and the only way to "deactivate" them is to submerge them into water, which is not being pumped into the pool (where the rods are held). As far as I know, no one has assessed the damage inside because no one can really get close to these reactors without risking being killed by the radiation. So we have a bit of a pickle of a situation here.

 I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY feel for the Japanese people ... not only did they experience one of the biggest earthquakes to hit their country and a devastating tsunami, now they have to cope with the numerous aftershocks, losses, the freezing cold weather, a shortage of food and basic necessities, this nuclear emergency and huge uncertainties. Like people throughout the world, I just wish I could help and do more. If only there are superheroes... Actually, I think the 50 workers, who are risking their live trying to "fix" the plant as I type, ARE superheroes and may whatever surpeme power out there protect them from harm.

My cousin Grace arrived back home this morning, after flying out of Osaka back to HK via Seoul yesterday. She didn't want to leave but her parents (my auntie and uncle), and me, were getting worried. I hope she can return there one day as I know how much she loves living in Tokyo. I think after this event, the the country will never be the same again and I think it will "change" for the better. I met up with a friend for lunch today and what he said may sound a bit strange but with Japan going through what it has done in recent years, perhaps this is the kind of jolt it needs to, well, jolt the country back on track.

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