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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Final Fantasy Type-0 (Report 1)

A couple of hours into Type-0 and I'm still fumbling with the controls and, well, everything. This game makes Disgaea 3 and Persona 4 look like child's play. There is so much going on gameplay-wise/story-wise/battle system-wise that I needed to print out a Bible-size guide just to familiarise myself with the Basics ~ and it is not even a walkthrough. There are missions, side quests, secret quests; and there are some 14 characters whose physical/magic abilities need to be learnt and upgraded... this is serious (J)RPG!!!

Like Final Fantasy Crisis Core, which was my first JRPG experience, this is all in Japanese so there is a lot of guess work going on here. Now that I've played quite a few JRPG, at least I know the basic requirements. The gameplay reminds me of 3rd Birthday ... oh yes, I can feel my neck going stiff already!!!

Rem & Machina
For thematic reasons I have decided to have Machina & Rem on my team, led by Ace. Quite fun to play with these characters right now but will explore more training ground before attempting more missions. So far, I had completed one and getting the hang of it!

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