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Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the World

OR is it? Well, the very fact I'm penning this blog does suggest the end is not quite here yet (in Asia anyway) but neither is December 21, 2012 over yet (It's late afternoon in Europe but morning in the US; though New Zealand and Australia had obviously survived the date ~ but the supposed disaster?) 

So, in the next few hours, what can still happen? Well, not being a rocket scientist myself but I assume nothing, like, BIG, is gonna hit earth; I mean, we would have known by now if, say, another planet/asteroid is gonna crash onto us (wasn't that how the dinosaur era, which lasted millions of years, ended?); neither do I think the Marsians are about to descend onto us in a surprise attack. I guess there can still be the possibility of undetected earthquakes/tsunamis (that can wipe out the whole of Japan) but let's hope not.

I'd decided to spend my "last day" at the yoga studio (naturally) and I took a "peaceful Yin" class ... of course, the teacher who gave the class is known to be a bit on the tough side so the 90-minute session was anything but peaceful. It was a hip opening class and, boy, were my hips opened after the class! We just did a series of poses that we had to hold for a LONG time and REALLY stretched the groin area ~ it was like an endurance competition. Instructor told us to concentrate on the (unpleasant) sensation of our body being stretched  but the more she said that, the more I concentrated on the (unpleasant) sensation ... but am sure the exercise was good for us since most of us spend our days sitting down and, as the result, our adductor muscles get shorter and tighter by the day ... and having tight adductor muscles means inflexibility and a lack of range of motion. 

There have been quite a number of scares over the past couple of years (remember whatever experiment that scientists were conducting at CERN was supposed to create a Black Hole and wipe the earth out? Well, that didn't happen and they discovered the Higgs Boson ... Whatever ... ) ... but the only real disasters I can think of now is the earthquake in Northeast Japan and the economic meltdown in the West. 

I think humans are forever optimistic and, yes, tomorrow is another day. 

Another day playing Persona 4: the Golden for me. Been grinding levels and farming skill cards (Absorb Wind is still missing but by fluke I got the extremely rare Absorb Physical card) and I have still to decide what to do withe the Trumpeter Persona ... compared to Alice, Yoshi, Kaguya and Tam Lin, it is still very weak and pointless ... so, more skill card farming to build it up ...

End of the World? Not yet ...

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