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Monday, December 17, 2012

Hot Yoga

There was a time when I could only handle about 30 minutes of yoga practice inside a heated room (temperature hovers around the mid-30c). And I could never stay still during savasana because the mind kinda went bonkers when the body was hot. But these days I'm getting more used to it. Instead of feeling fidgety, I actually feel calm and relaxed despite the high temperature. I still sweat a lot though cos I'm the sweaty type (walking up a hill is enough to make me perspire profusely)... but the whole experience feels great ... after a hot class, the body feels/is detoxed and cleansed. 

But hot yoga is potentially quite dangerous also. For a start, not everyone can function in intense heat and it's not unheard of that yoga students faint right outside a studio because their body cannot adjust to the sudden change of temperature. The heart beats so much faster (for men) in the heat too so I wouldn't recommend this form of yoga to anyone who has a heart condition. Another hidden hazard is that your mind gets kinda tricked into believing that your body is more flexible in the heat. It does get more Relaxed but there are still limitations. I recently pulled some hamstrings and am quite convinced I did that during a hot yoga class because I didn't even realise it was pulled until a week or so later. Another downside to hot yoga is your body is still kinda hot almost an hour after practice and if you are not careful, you could catch a cold because  the weather outside could be cold but your body is just not feeling it. That's my theory anyway.

Okay, back to Persona 4: the Golden. I'm now at the end of my second playthru and am wondering if I should play it once more (if so, it will have to be later). I have built some decent/superb Personas now: Yoshi (for physical damages), Alice (dark magic), Kaguya (light magic), Tam Lin (tri-auto skills), Trumpeter and Jack Frost (elemental magic damages). I also have Helel and Izanagi but have yet to decide what to do with them. They can have some good skills but I already have enough dungeon crawlers and boss killers on the team. But their designs look pretty cool (esp Izanagi) so I will think of a way to build them. 

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