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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Persona 4: the Golden (Part Seven)

This is turning into a Persona Blog! Okay, after thinking I was gonna give this game up after first playthrough (this seems to happen a lot with other games too, cue: Tactics Ogre), I had a severe bout of PSVita withdrawal and quickly returned to it for a second serving. According to game forums, best way to do/enjoy the second playthrough is to fast forward all the lengthy/boring conversation/story (there is actually a button for that function to skip scenes!) and do some of the quests that I didn't have time for the last time. PLUS, in this playthrough I can now unlock one exclusive character + secret boss battle. Sounds good to me. 

GREAT OST (thanks to uploader...)

In the meantime, am taking my time to max those "social links" (doing those Margaret's Requests sounds fun, but expensive) and I cannot wait to unlock both Kanji and Naoto so this time round I will have them as core members of my new team (Chie and Yosuke were good in the first playthrough but no point having the same team again ... though will keep Yukiko as the healer as Kuma doesn't sound as good). So, there IS something to look forward to after all ...

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