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Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Fantasy Type-0

So it's Goodbye Persona 4: the Golden and Hello Final Fantasy Type-0

Having done all that I'd wanted to in P4G NG+ (levelling up, getting all the skill cards and items), it's time to move on. But to what? I was looking around and there aren't that many choices. I'd started playing Final Fantasy 4 - the Complete Collection and FF3 (on the iPad) but I just didn't get into them. Despite them being "classics", well, that is exactly what they are ... Old Games. The interface is pretty basic and gameplay uninspiring. I'm sure they were great in their time (like, more than a decade ago, at least) but now they just feel dated. The fact I only have the PSVita really limits my choices.

So I checked out PSN (again) to see if there were any new titles ... no luck. A lot of the new releases are in Japanese ... then I noticed the price of FF Type-0 has dropped Significantly (from about US$62 to US$25), which is a Real bargain. Yes, it's Japanese but at least I am quite familiar with the FF gameplay (this is supposed to be quite similar to FF Crisis Core, my first ever FF experience). So quickly downloaded it and am being thrown at the deep end immediately; i.e. after the quick cinematic intro I have to start battling (totally oppose to P4G, which took forever to start...). So have to learn the controls pretty fast ... but so far so good, am still fiddling with the camera but am sure I will get used to that. The only downside IS I have no idea what's going on (other than the fact I need to beat the crap out of whoever that's in my way) ... But the premises is pretty interesting.

The story revolves around 15 students from a magic academy who are determined to fight the invaders of their kingdom. Players can have up to three students/characters on the team, each specialising in a different weapon/magic type. So I imagine there will be a lot of costumisation there ... 

There are several downsides; 1) the game is pretty dark, literally, and 2) I will need to look at a lot of walkthroughs on the Internet to actually understand what I'm doing. But thank goodness there is a quite a complete walkthrough on YouTube so I'll be following that.

Anyway, time to Type-0 .... will report later if it's a game that I can enjoy and complete...

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