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Monday, January 13, 2014

A Strong Practice

Ready to take off...
Yesterday I took a level 2 (intermediate) class, which was both challenging and rewarding. Instructor began the practice, as usual, with a short meditation (which I increasingly enjoy) before moving onto the warm-up asanas. The class gradually got more and more physically demanding (more breathing required!) and we ended up doing a series of arm balances and inverted poses. The Core, the Core! It really does make a huge difference. When I'm not engaging the core, I just, like, flop onto the ground ... however, when it is activated (sounds like the Iron Man armour!) then I can do the flying pigeon with ease (left). Part of the reason why I can actually support self is 1) I'm quite skinny and light-weight, 2) I have a bit of core strength, though still not enough 3) strong arms and 4) a stiff back! (I think this is when NOT being flexible actually works to my advantage :o)

Elsewhere on game-land, I'm really enjoying playing and getting into Final Fantasy X-2 (!) It's fast becoming one of my favourite games because there are so many ways to play it and it doesn't get boring. One thing about Square Enix games (they produce all the FF titles) is that the developers really know now to create a complex world for players to immerse themselves into (I actually stayed up till 2.30am the other night/morning cos I couldn't put my PSVita down!) And as I now enter mid-game, my characters (Yuna, Rikku and Paine) are getting more and more strong, with new accessories and abilities. But I think I still need to work out how to best combine/match the right accessories with the right skills to maximise each character's full potential.


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