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Saturday, January 25, 2014

An Unlocked Nokia 8310 (Part Two)

But first, thanks to those spambots, I now have 24,000+ page views (!) which is, frankly even so, quite an achievement since this is just my personal online diary full of lame entries about gaming and mobile phones LOL (though the yoga sharing is Serious!)

Anyway, been off the mat the past week cos of a, what I believe, cold-weather-induced inflammation in my lower back. Had to take the Japanese pain relief patches + anti-inflammatory drug combo to reduce the swelling. Am feeling okay now so will take a gentle flow class tomorrow. Then, for fun, will take a "detox flow" on Tues ... hope my body will be fit enough for that class then.

Nokia 8310
The casing/fascia -- pink + yellow ~ only colours left! -- and battery for my unlocked Nokia 8310 finally arrived... It looks like a brand new phone now (though I really thought I'd bought a bricked phone when I realised it was locked ~ twice ~ by Orange in the UK). I like this old model cos it's so ... small, as opposed to the big smart phones they sell these days; they are so huge people look ridiculous talking into them (ok, ok, pink and yellow not exactly un-ridiculous but at least the phone is small and discreet). Anyway, the reception and sound quality still good, which is amazing considering the 8310 was released back in 2001 (like, 13 years ago). AND this is Made in Finland ~ home of the manufacturer. It's interesting the last owner (called Big Dave) hadn't totally erased all his data so I still have some of his numbers on the phone ... and according to the call timer, the phone has clocked up around 124 hours of call time (which is not bad), though physically, the phone looked pretty worn out when it first arrived. It looked like it's been left in an attic collecting dusts and stuff. The condition of 7820 that I bought on eBay (which I later gave away since it had no market value at all) was actually good too (Made in Germany but last owner had left a highly dodgy sms message on it...) but I think the voice quality was really bad (I could hear echoes in the earpiece). I hope I can still get some mileage out of this phone (looks kinda cool in a retro sorta way...)  The thing with second-hand phones is that you don't really know Where they have been. Imagine you bought a phone that used to belong to a gangster (someone picked his phone up after he was, like, gunned down) and sell it on eBay. I always look for sign of, like, blood on the phone! I guess it could be worse, like, the phone fell inside a loo before. EWW. Well, I've cleaned this phone up several times (with alcohol) before I put the casing on. So I hope Big Dave is a decent bloke and the phone has had a normal life so far.

Still playing Final Fantasy X-2 on the PSVita. Pretty OP-ed since my team is now @ level 65 and I'm still in Chapter 3. Apparently you can beat the final boss in Chapter 5 @ level 50. So, I am pretty set for New Game+ ... I use Rikku as a Berserker and Paine as Dark Knight (suit them very well) and I alternate Yuna as a White Mage or Festival-goer or Black Mage and sometimes Lady Luck and Gun Mage. Still so much fun to be had with this game ... 

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