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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yet Another Version

This is INSANE! First I bought the Japanese edition of Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 [duodecim] (see earlier post) for PSP, which was great until I started to level up and I had no idea what I was doing or supposed to be doing because all the instructions are in Japanese (I thought I could manage when I bought the game cos I'd already played the first instalment of this title series). Then I bought the English version, which was great until the voice over began to really bug me. They make Lightning (fav character cos she possesses many different abilities) sound like a real stroppy cow. "Who are you watching?!?!" she demands (in a stern tone and American accent) every time I press the attack button (and I frankly think the more appropriate translation should be: "What are you looking at?", which makes more sense but that would probably make her sound even more of a moody moo-moo).


Today, I bought the PERFECT version which has Japanese voiceover with English (or Chinese) subtitles as well as an English menu. I mean, great, I actually bought the same bloody game three times. I blame it on Sony PlayStation though. Before I bought the English edition, I actually went to their store to ask whether the super duper version was coming out and they said NO. This week, the game went on the shelves.

 Just as well that I didn't really get into the game with the two earlier versions ... or else it'd have to play the same mission over and over and over again and that would have diven me nuts even though I am such a HUGE Dissidia fan!!!

Yoga-wise, this week has been a good week -- even though the Perfect Human Specimen's Core class was as Hellish as ever. BUT at least the workout really works (I can feel the sore in the core - gee, it even rhymes - as I type... maybe I should rechristen his class the Sore Class). All the practising also makes me sleep better at night, which is always a bonus.

And finally, met this rather fun-loving 69-year-old woman who told me that she (finally) found love about a decade ago, after having had a series of husbands/lovers/abortions. So it kinda makes sense that her ultimate partner/ soulmate should be another woman. 

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