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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Free Time

Have been so busy at work lately I barely have time to blog or, worse, practise yoga! Returned to the mat thia afternoon (after a week) and it already felt a little foreign. A stretch here, a twist there, and I could hear my bones crackling. Right knee still sore from a recent bout of arthritis. But it was business as usual with the Perfect Human Specimen, our Core Master, who got us groaning in pain in no time. Actually the class itself wasn't too bad (could have been a lot worse) as the flow wasn't particularly challenging, it was the repetition that drained the energy (lots of boat pose and vertical split again and again) ... Today, I worked on jumping forward from downdog. Sometimes I can get my hips really high, giving me a gracious soft landing, but most of the time I just hop forward with knees and legs bend... it's all in the mind because the higher the hips go, the greater the fear of flipping over and crash landing.

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