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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plenty of P(SP)-ing and Wii-ing

Sorry, bad gag ... this entry is not about having a bad bladder but gaming. Yesterday I finally got my hands on the special PSP edition of Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy, which came with the handheld. But it is not the Chinese/English/Japanese all-roll-into-one version that I heard about a couple of months ago ... in fact, this version doesn't seem to exist as even people at Sony don't know much about it, which is supposed to be on "limited release" coming Tuesday. Which is also very strange. I already have the Japanese version so it doesn't really matter. So what I've done is to play my (save file) game (which is already 99 per cent completed/unlocked) on the new machine while storing the English version away ... the voice over is pretty bad. That is why I wanted the, err, the non existing version in the first place cos it'd have Japanese voices, Chinese/English subtitles and system menu in English, which would have been totally perfect. Oh well, never mind. It's only a game.

Yesterday I also bought a Wii for my dad who got addicted playing those virtual games at my brother's place last week. The fact he got thrashed by my six-year-old niece in tennis made him the more determined to get a Wii for himself so he can practise on it at home. But before anyone could jump up and down in front of the telly screen like raving lunatics, somone would need to set up the console first and WHO was left with this tedious task? ME. The fact all the on-screen setup instructions were in Japanese didn't help. Still, after an hour of trial and errors I finally had all the FOUR handsets connected ~ and it's quite appropriate that, on Mother's Day, my mom should be thrashing my dad in the table tennis game. Maybe my dad is just really bad at these games...

I noticed at the games store that Wii actually has a yoga game/program ... interesting ...

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