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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dissidia ~ the Saga Continues ...

Just when I thought I could now sit back and enjoy the new game ... NO! The wretched thing hangs!!! It started when I completed Vaan's mission, and a couple of times during Laguna's story. By the time I got to Yuna (quite a kickass character but what on earth is she wearing?), it was blank screen almost every time I switched it off and back on again. And I got the game less than a week ago. Initially I thought it was just a problem with the UMD ... but when I took it to the repairs, they took my PSP in is well. Now, shouldn't they be just giving me a new one??

Is that a wedding dress?
Been busy lately (other than just faffing around with the Dissidia game) but managed to squeeze in a couple of Yin classes this week. My left hip is SO tight am having an anatomical/emotional imbalance (the hips are known to retain negative emotions such as frustration, anger, sadness and confusion). And it was particularly hard to stay in the deeper poses that needed opening up the left hip. But all the deep stretching means I am getting uninterrupted deep sleep every night ...

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