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Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Upgraded Version

Phew! Got my PSP back from the repairs and it's working fine -- much better, in fact -- now. Have to give it to the Sony repairs department for being so incredibly efficient and thorough. The tech guy actually called me up to get more details about those "freezes" that I had when playing Dissidia 012 Duodecim ... of course, he couldn't find anything wrong with the machine or the game (you notice electronic gadgets only break down at home and never at the repairs?) but was good enough to 1) upgrade the firmware and 2) change the disc scanner and 3) even change the screen protector. So now my Dissidia game runs as smoothly as a baby's bottom. Fingers crossed it won't freeze on me again.

NO yoga this weekend because all my fav teachers at the studio are either away or have left. But will do some stretches at home to keep the body, hmm, loosen.

PS BWAH ... PSP just hanged once more ... have bought a new memory card, if that doesn't work, I really am through with this ...

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