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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Physical and the Spiritual

Just came back from a "Power 2" yoga class, which was (as name suggests) very physical but not as physically demanding as some of the other Power 2 classes I took before. This one initially focused on the breathing -- to expand the chest and to warm up the body -- before moving onto back bending and twisting. I LOVE doing the backward bend and the twist because these actions/asanas (in my mind anyway) help "loosen" up my lower back (the ligaments around the pelvis harden as we get older -- the fact many of us sit in front of a computer all day doesn't help). So in every pose I focused on the "target areas" and play around with these subtle and minute moments ... the only problem I encountered during my practice (as always) was the shortness of breaths. It is my inability to hold a breath that makes me get out of the more challenging poses fast. So, it's certainly something I need to work on in the coming year (just celebrated my third year of yoga practice!!) Anyway, after the class I felt energised and grabbed a salad to boost my feel-good meter. Now, as I sit in front of my computer at least I feel my lower back has been worked and exercised.

When I got home I received an article from a friend that talks about dying. It's a bit morbid but it's a subject that has been lingering on my mind lately. It (the topic and death itself) creeps up as people grow older and when those around us - family, friends, colleagues - begin to die (I actually lost a good friend who died when he was 19 ~ that was traumatic). And I don't know which is harder -- children losing their parents when they are too young to even remember or adults watching their loved ones die. Mortality is a fact of life. That is why it is SO, SO important for us to focus on just living. Remember to live the moment - savouring and relishing every breath, every second. And you can always start NOW~!    

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