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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Another Quick Entry

I'm trying to cram in as many blog entries as possible before end of 2013 ... so this year doesn't go down in history as my laziest? *lol* 

One thing I have noticed lately is that this blog has been getting more (regular) page views than before (which is kinda nice given I don't really write for a particular audience other than myself). But I do wonder which particular topic generates more interest (I know anything "medical" will get lots of hits from the health-obsessed US... Russians are more into tech and games, I think). Anyway, I'd like to think that I can share my experience -- whether in gaming, gadget-ing or yoga -- with others (and vice versa) so that, hopefully, we are all, like, better informed.

I'm all for information sharing (suck it, Facebook!) cos knowledge is, indeed, extremely empowering. Like, if I Google for info, other people's Blog entries (containing that specific piece of info that I'm searching for) will show up, without the need of me signing up in order to access that info (did I say Facebook sucks?). I don't mind signing up for Google-related services, such as Gmail, for instance, because it IS a service but for social networking sites, I think information should be free and made available whatever and whenever. Granted, I think nothing is really private or personal on Web-land these days (oh yes, I was rather amused that the person I play online games with could well be a spy ~ so thank you, Mr Snowden for confirming our suspicion!), still it's the principle, isn't it?

Off to a holiday special yoga class this afternoon for some inner nurturing ... I need that before returning to work after a five-day break! Merry Christmas everyone!

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