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Monday, December 30, 2013

Spambot VampireStat

I mean, how stupid is that? Apparently this vampire thing has been leeching onto my blog ~ no wonder it has recorded some spectacular spike in its page-view figures lately (!) But you know what? I don't really care cos it makes this blog looks, like, popular! The only thing is, DO NOT click on its link or else, it's, like, inviting it into your house. Sheer horror. Oh, and I just found this in some forum talking about these spambot:

Kayla G: "They don't gain anything. From what I've read, they are bumping your blog view count simply because they want to make you curious about them. If you see that something called vampirestat has read your blog 40 times in one day, you might be curious about going to their website through their link on your stats page. Then, when you get there, viruses download themselves onto your computer and they can either control it or simply destroy it. They are really there just to cause trouble. Some people are just mean."

Agree. Well, suck it VampireStat, I ain't gonna click on your stupid link but thanks for boasting my page-views all the same!

1 comment:

  1. The spambots are annoying when you want to get a good idea of how many visitors and readers one's blog has. As annoying to my mind are those who steal one's blog content and repost it on their own blogs/websites and, in the process, divert your traffic to theirs.

    A pox on those awful people and organizations that take advantage of other people's goodwill and good work -- online as well as in "meat space"!

    On a happier note, happy new year to you in advance! :)