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Friday, December 27, 2013

Yuna ~ from Final Fantasy X-2 HD

Yuna in FF X-2
O.M.G!!! The wait is over! Final Fantasy X-2 HD was released last night (well, on Boxing Day) and I don't care if it's in Japanese (the localised version will not be available until March). I Just. Want. It. Since this is a remake, it already has a walkthrough in English so at least I can get all the basic info there. But first, I didn't even know the difference between Final Fantasy X and X-2 (FF X HD was also released last night). Since I've played Dissidia before, I vaguely know FF X features Tidus and Yuna, while the latter is very popular among FF fans, not the same can said about her boyfriend who comes across as a complete brat. Anyway, I chose X-2 simply because I love Yuna (her being a Summoner) ... though, to my dismay, after I started downloading the game from PSN, I realised there is NO summoning in X-2. The game, however, does have, apparently, a fantastic gameplay, which I shall be testing tonight :o) The game did take some 12 hours to download (stupid PS Vita paused in the middle of the night) so didn't have a chance to start playing it until after work (then I had to re-install Final Fantasy IV the Complete Collection onto the Vita cos, me being totally anal, I want all my FF games on the same memory stick).  

Anyway, it was well worth waiting for. The graphics of FF X-2 is really good and I love the turn-based battle system and, finally, I'm getting the PS console experience on my handheld. The only thing is, of course, the language ... but apparently this game is not exactly cerebrally challenging so I should be okay. 

Okay, off to replay the opening sequence (I missed some items at the beginning so I wanna go back and get them!!!) 

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