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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two More Entries ...

First of which will be about my yoga practice. The Hatha class I took several days ago was surprisingly effective despite it being quite a gentle session. We did do some core exercises, which left my core, well, sore today. Maybe it's just that I'm unfit (!?) Anyway, cos my hip flexors are also feeling a bit sore I was a bit worried that I might have torn my hamstrings (again) ... but given I haven't been practising the (half) split I doubt they are torn ... and sure enough, they aren't (phew) ... so maybe I just need some rest before this weekend's practice (which promises to be extremely challenging...)

Oh, did I mention that I've decided to take teacher's training next year? Not that I really want to teach but I'm just curious what that entails and whether it would help me with my practice. Today I looked into the mirror (something that I really seldom do) when doing a wide leg forward bend, and I noticed my lower back/spine instead of "folding", it was curving (which didn't look right). I had to lift myself up to stretch my spine (which is more the point of the pose). But my hips just don't rotate/tilt forward far enough to allow my lower back to fold, that coupled with my tight hamstrings ... I'm wondering if my inflexibility will be a major issue in advancing in my yoga learning & practice??

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