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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Eyes Closed

Something that we don't do often enough I think. Before I started practising yoga regularly, I think I seldom closed my eyes during the day. Now, I'll keep my eyes closed whenever I have a chance on and off the mat, mostly to block out the outer world and to seek calmness in, or bring focus to, the inner self. It's a comforting and nurturing feeling. Also, I think we are constantly distracted by what's happening around us that we forget about the self: how are we feeling physically and emotionally? Is the body sending out signals that we are ignoring? Having/increasing self awareness is a good way to maintain one's physical (and metaphysical) well-being. Taking a few short moments during the day to breathe deeply and go inward is very nourishing for the soul...


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  1. Years ago, when I interviewed cellist Trey Lee, he suggested that people should close their eyes every once in a while during concerts to better focus on and hear the music. I've since done this at concerts and it can be a really cool experience. Recommended! :)