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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not Much on the Go...

My PSVita has been collecting dusts lately mainly there aren't that many good games on the market right now. I've stopped playing Valhalla Knights 3 after entering post-game, it just got a bit repetitive and tedious. Ys: Memories of Celceta, despite reasonably good reviews, isn't really my kinda game. It's mostly hack and slash and I rather play One Piece 2 (which turns out to be quite a long game!!!) Downloaded Rainbow Moon last night -- good thing it is only a trial (free) version because it's not that fun. Tactics Ogre (and maybe P4G) is still the best turn-based RPG ever released!

Patrick Creelman in King Pigeon

Progress, on the other hand, is being made in my yoga practice. Last week I took a class that focused on back-bending and after much warm up (King Pigeon pose!) I was able to advance on my wheel pose: when I was in the pose, I was able to shift forward and backward, thus allowing my lower back to further loosen up and my arms to really straighten up (yeah!), which is very encouraging. Though I don't practise as much these days but I still find taking three classes a week is quite optimal for my body. 

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